Sample Menu

The Menu

Seven Lanterns’ cuisine is best described as Korean and Japanese with a Mediterranean twist – we call it MediterrAsian. The menu is constantly evolving through the collaboration and influence of resident chefs headed by David and invited guest chefs.  We pride ourselves in providing the diners with an award winning, sumptuous dining experience with the freshest and high quality local ingredients

Chef Team      David  Jason  Rachel  Ethan

À La Carte

           Raw Bar

Salmon Jalapeño     GF DF   $24
salmon sashimi w/mild jalapeño basil pesto grain mustard & citric juice

Tuna Carpaccio     GF DF   $24
sashimi grade tuna carpaccio w/grape seed oil  tabasco & chilli spiced soy sauce

Miso Kingfish Ceviche   GF DF   $25
kingfish sashimi in olive oil light miso balsamic & lime dressing w/vegetable

Beef Tataki    GF DF   $24
seared wagyu fillet carpaccio & greens drizzled w/soy & nashi pear reduction

          Light Starter

Sumo Dumplings   4pc   DF VG   $16
korean vegetable dumplings steamed then lightly pan fried crispy

Wagyu Meatballs   (MB 4+) 5pc   $16
grilled sweet soy & pepper marinated juicy wagyu meatballs served w/cauliflower purée

Teriyaki Chicken Skewers  3pc  GF DF   $21
grilled   chicken skewers glazed in honey roasted teriyaki served w/lime & garlic chum on side

          Easy Share

If I must serve Vegetable   DF VG   $24
lightly battered mirin marinated cauliflower in truffle infused japanese curry sauce served w/noodle

Oh, Crab    GFO VGO  $27
bamboo steamed fresh crab meat in thickened golden sweet potato purée w/parsley oil drops  served w/bread

The Prawn    2pc   GF   $24
teppan grilled extra large local king prawns flame burnt w/7Lanterns’ clandestine sauce drizzled w/teriyaki sauce

Prawn Tempura  DF VGO   $28
eggplant & prawns lightly bettered in corn starch fried crispy served w/mild spiced sweet & sour sauce

Take a Bao  de-constructed  2pc  GFO DF   $22
sweet chilli marinated BBQ pork & lettuce served w/steamed bao buns & hoisin sauce

            House Specialty

 Smoken Union   GF   $36
slow cooked soy garlic butter marinated wagyu fillet served w/caramelised smoky eggplant purée & vinaigrette spinach

The Silence of the Lanterns  3pc  GF DF   $42
grilled juicy lamb cutlets marinated in olive oil & oregano served w/crushed salty anchovy garlic & caper paste in grape seed oil

 Imperial Beef Rib Hot Pot   GF DF   $42
beef short rib marinated overnight in soy chunky garlic & shallot slow cooked w/ caramelised onion reduction served w/rice

Wagyu Steak (240g / MB 6+)   GF DF   $48
medium grilled herb & garlic marinated succulent Black Opal’s wagyu steak served w/flat mushroom

Patagonian Fish   GF DF   $58
seasalt & pepper grilled Antartic Glacier 51 tooth fish aka wagyu of the seafood served w/olive oil & fresh lemon juice sauce

 Angry Bird    GF DF   $28
chicken & potato in honey infused extra spicy gochujang  sauce reduced w/dried chillies

         Notso Oriental Dessert

Sticky Date Pudding   $15
The famous warm sticky date pudding drenched in hot caramel sauce served w/vanilla ice cream

Dessert of the Week   $15
Please ask our friendly staff

          On the Side   $4ea  
Rice  Bao   Miso   Kimchi   Bread


6 Course Signature Dégustation   $90 pp
with 5  matching wines  $150 pp

Chef’s Selection
freshest Raw Bar menu selected daily by the chef team
Sparkling Wine

Scallop in mushroom pond
panko battered large Hokkaido Mombartsu scallop tempura served on rich mushroom & truffle purée dusted w/long aged parmagiano reggiano

Pinot Gris

The Silence of the Lanterns
grilled juicy lamb cutlets marinated in olive oil & oregano served w/crushed salty anchovy garlic & caper paste in grape seed oil

The Prawn
teppan grilled king prawn w/flame burnt cheese mornay sauce on top drizzled w/honey roasted teriyaki sauce
Sauvignon Blanc

Wagyu Steak
medium grilled herb & garlic marinated succulent Black Opal’s wagyu steak (MB 4+) served w/vegetable

Dessert of the week
Moonshine Meishu(plum sake) on ice


Beverage Menu
BYO Wine Only
Glass Charge: Midweek 5pp Weekend 8pp

Chandon Brut Brut Australia 14/59
Chandon Rosé Sparkling Rosé Australia 14/59

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough NZ 16/54
NED Pinot Gris Marlborough NZ 14/42
19 Crimes Chardonnay South Eastern AU 16/55
Brown Brothers Mascato Millawa Vic 14/42

Sisters Run Cabernet Sauvignon Coonawarra SA 16/56
Earth Works Shiraz Barossa SA 16/57
Windy Peak Pinot Noir Yarra Valley VIC 14/42
Mrs Wigley Rosé McLaren Vale SA 16/55

Asahi 8 Corona 8 One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale 8 Hahn Premium Light 8 Sapporo ‘Silver Bullet’ 500ml 14
Non-alcoholic Beer of the week 8
“That Thai Guy” Boutique Ginger Beer 8 (non-alcoholic)

Spirits 8
Gin  Scotch  Bourbon  Vodka  Rum  Midori  Malibu

Kuroshiku Sake (served Warm or Choilled) 260ml 16
Moonshine Meshilju (served Chilled) 260ml 19
Hoju Soju Premium (served Chilled) Ice shots 8 / 500ml 69

Cocktail 16
Beam Me Up Scotty
Vodka lime pineapple passionfruit vanilla
When Brad Met Hope
Sake watermelon lemon pineapple passionfruit
Dirty Dancing
Sake yuzu puree coconut syrup lemon pineapple
Risky Business
Vodka cold drip coffee salted caramel vanilla kahlua
My name is Ryan and I’m an alcoholic
midori malibu sake cranberry

Non Alcoholic
Coke (0) 4   Sprite 4   Lift 4   Apple Juice 4   Orange Juice 4
Lemon Lime Bitters 6   Sparkling Mineral Water 750ml 10   Tea 6